Ultra Guard with Silicone

Water repellant paint. The silicone prevents water from penetrating, yet allows vapor to escape. It gives surprisingly self cleaning properties help in reducing the maintenance cost and increase the life of a building structure.

Suitable for major architectural structures like concrete & masonry - new, previously painted plaster, cement,brick,stone and many other surfaces including soft board and hardboard ceilings and walls, asbestos sheets, etc.

  • Water and soil repellent
  • Water vapor permeable
  • outstanding protection against extreme weather conditions
  • Self cleaning - drains water. Cleans the wall as it repels the water.
  • Anti fungal
  • 10 years + life expectancy
  • Over 6000 shades

New work: clean the surface thoroughly which is to be painted to get 100% effectiveness of UltraGuard.

Incase of fungus, algae or moss grown on the wall- clean & apply Regal fungicidal solution for excellent performance.

Avoid application of UltraGuard Silicone Paint on surfaces that are exposed to continuous seepage or dampness.

Previously painted surfaces: Remove all loosely held contaminations. Apply exterior wall care cement putty for filling fine cracks & smooth leveling, primer & undercoat ( recommended).

Apply UltraGuard Silicone paint as per recommendation.


Brush. Roller. Spray

Shelf life

Minimum 1 year in sealed containers under shade in a cool, dry place.



Helpful Information

Stir well the paint tin/drum before use

  1. Regal wallcare cement Putty (exterior); dilute up to 45% to quantity of putty ratio- 1 water :2 wallcare. Apply 2 coats coating thickness -1.5mm. Recoating period ; 4-12 hours( overnight)

  2. New surface : Exterior regal acrylic primer / sealer undercoat. Supplied ready for use. Can be thinned to meet desired consistency. Apply 1 coat. 3-4 hours recoating period.

  3. 1 coat of UltraGuard Silicone Paints. 10% minimum dilution. 2-3 hours recoating period

  4. 2 coats of UltraGuard Silicone Paints. 5-10% dilution. 2-3 hours


Avoid over thinning as this will affect the opacity. Stir well before use. For Best


1L, 4L and 20L

Safety precautions

Make sure the application should take place in an adequately ventilated environment under proper supervision

Wear proper safety equipment such as- respirator/ dust mask to avoid inhalation of paint, goggles to protect eyes from spillage of permacote ultra guard

Clean hangs properly after use

Avoid handling the material if you have a history of allergies

Incase product is ingested, inhaled or causes skin irritation, immediately wash the affected area with water and seek medical help

Keep away from children

Ruff n Tuff

Ruff n Tuff

This is an acrylic Emulsion formulated to provide multi directional textures on any cementitious surface. Can be applied onto plaster, cement rendering, block work, cement, stone, bag-washed, and fair faced concrete. It may also be applied to timber, glass and aluminum.

  • 3Dimensional
  • Low sheen
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rapid drying
  • Hides surface imperfections
  • Resists mould growth
  • Water based
  • Bridges hairline cracks

Finish: Matt - High textured finish


Should be applied with a stainless steel trowel or comb to create the final design textured eg horizontal, vertical, circular, etc.

Thinning: Ruff n Tuff is supplied ready for use. Under no circumstances should the product be thinned.

Drying times

Surface dry: 4 hours

Hard dry ; 24 hours

Max hardness : 7 days

Equipment cleaner


Spreading capacity

Dependent on the thickness required by the architect or client, the rates are;

10-11 sq meters per 30kg @ film thickness 1 - 1.5mm

8- 8.5 sq meters per 30kg@ film thickness 1.5 - 2.5mm


Color Range

Supplied in white and can then be overcoated to the shade of choice with regal Ruff n’ Safi.

Pack sizes

5kg and 30kg

New Work: ensure surface is clean, dry and clear of all contaminations. Apply 1 coat of Ruff n’ Tuff using a stainless steel trowel.

Previously painted in sound condition; Clean and Prepare surface- Apply using stainless steel trowel. Do not over paint previously gloss painted surfaces.

Loosely bound or flaking paint

  1. Wire brush and scrape to remove all possible loose, chalking and flaking material.
  2. Apply by brush 1 coat regal + 3 Masonry primer or regal penetrating primer.
  3. Allow overnight to dry
  4. Apply Ruff n’ Tuff finish using stainless steel trowel

NB: Should any doubts exist over application, consult with Regal technical or marketing department.

Silk Vinyl Emulsion

Silk Vinyl Emulsion

A premium quality Emulsion paint with a fashionable silky finish which is extremely tough and washable. Ideal for domestic use in kitchens, bathrooms, stores, washrooms, and passages. It is particularly recommended for use in hospitals, food processing areas, etc. In addition to plaster, stone, etc. Regal Silk Vinyl can be used on timber and is particularly suitable in office complexes on wallboards/partitioning, etc.

  • Tough and washable finish
  • Attractive silk appearance
  • Quick drying
  • No special primers or thinners required
  • Can be more speedily and economically applied than oil based eggshell paints

Finish: Semi-gloss, sheen

Application: brush, roller, spray

Thinning; Supplied ready to use. Thinning not required except for spray application to porous surfaces. Where necessary thin with clean water but avoid over thinning as this will affect the opacity. Stir well before use.

Spreading capacity: m2/L


Surface type

New/ Unpainted

Previously painted

Smooth lime plaster



Cement - Wood float



Bag wash - concrete blocks



Tyrolean/ Roughcast




Equipment cleaner; Water

Colour range; Over 7000 including BS 4800 Regal House colours plus any other shades from out tinting system

Pack sizes;1L, 4L, 20L


From Regal Depots and through our dealers


New, Unpainted walls, Wallboards, soft board ceiling, etc; Prepare surface

Apply 1 coat Regal Vinyl Matt Emulsion of the same shade

Apply 2 or 3 coats Regal Silk Vinyl Emulsion

Previously painted surfaces in sound condition ( Matt Emulsion or similar finish)

Prepare the surface

Apply two coats Regal Silk Vinyl Emulsion

Previously Gloss painted surfaces

Prepare surface - Ensure that the gloss finish is thoroughly rubbed down to provide a key.

Apply 1 coat of Regal Undercoat ( the application of water based paints directly to a gloss finish is not recommended)

Apply 2 coats Regal Silk Vinyl Emulsion

Note; When overcoating a dark surface or where a distinct colour change is required, the application of 1 coat of Regal Vinyl Matt Emulsion is recommended to obtain obliteration of the original colour, prior to applying 2 coats of Regal Silk Vinyl Emulsion.

Previously painted surfaces in poor condition

Thoroughly remove all loose, flaking and powdery paint down to the original substrate if necessary. Friable and porous walls should be primed with Regal penetrating primer. Apply 2 coats Regal Silk Vinyl Emulsion

weather sheild

Permaguard Weathershield

Regal Permaguard ia a super premium , pure acrylic based exterior decorative and protective paint. It is stain resistant and easier to clean than any other exterior matt finish. Suitable for new and previously painted plaster, cement, brick, stone, softboard, hardboard, asbestos, etc

  • Washable
  • High covering power
  • Easy to apply
  • Rapid drying; two coats same day
  • Can be applied on all types of surfaces
  • Waterborne system
  • Virtually odor free
  • Widest possible color range
  • Long term protection
  • Hides surface imperfections
  • Effective for filling hairline cracks

Finish: Low sheen/Matt

Application: Brush, roller or airless spray equipment

Thinning: Supplied ready for use. If required, first coat can be thinned with upto 15% clean water. Avoid over thinning as this will affect the opacity. Stir well before use.

Drying times

Tough dry; 1-2 hours

Re-coatable; after 3-4 hours

Equipment cleaner; Water and household detergent


Spreading  capacity: m2/L


Surface type

New/ Unpainted

Previously painted

Smooth lime plaster



Cement - Wood float



Bag wash - concrete blocks



Tyrolean/ Roughcast




Colour range; Over 7000 including BS 4800 Regal house colours

Pack sizes; IL, 4L, 20L

  • New work; Apply three coats Regal Weathershield Permaguard with first coat thinned upto 15% with clean water.

  • Surfaces previously painted in water based paint; Ensure the surface is clean and free of powdery or flaking material. If surface is still suspect, apply 1 coat of Regal penetrating Primer and allow to dry overnight. Then apply two coats of Regal Weathershield PermaGuard.

  • Loosely bound & Lime - washed, cement painted, distempered surfaces; Remove all loose and flaking materials down to a firm nase, where necessary removing all previous coatings down to the original building fabric. Apply 1 coat Regal penetrating Primer. Apply 2 coats Regal Weathershield PermaGuard.



Regal Maxi- Plus has been especially prepared for use by the trade for the interior decoration of walls and ceilings. Can be applied directly to cement rendering, brick, stone etc., in addition to plaster and soft board surfaces. Covermatt possesses excellent obliterating characteristics and is extremely easy to apply.

  • High opacity copolymer emulsion paint with lead-free pigmentation. 
  • Contains a fungicide to retard mould growth.
  • Excellent hiding power. 
  • Economical. 
  • The porous nature of the film allows new surfaces to breathe and dry out easily.
  • No primer required on new or previously painted sound masonry surfaces.

Recommendation: For interior use.
Finish: Matt.
Application: Apply by brush, roller or spray equipment.
Thinning: For first coat work and for application to porous or textured surfaces and for spray application, Covermatt can be thinned with clean water but over-thinning should be avoided.
Drying Times: Re-coatable in 4 hours.
Spreading Capacity: See Table Below (m2/l)
Surface type: New or Unpainted
Previously painted;
Smooth - Lime Plaster 11 -14 14 - 15
Cement - Wood Float 9 -11 12 -13
Bag Wash - Concrete
Blocks 4 - 6 7 - 8
Tyrolean/Roughcast 3 - 5 31⁄2 - 41⁄2

Equipment Cleaner: Water
Colour Range: Available in a limited range of colours chosen from the BS 4800 shade range and Regal house colours.
Pack Sizes: 1 litre (White Only), 4 litres and 20 litres.
Availability: From Regal Depots through Regal Stockists.

  • New Work: Walls, Ceilings etc: Prepare surfaces (Refer appropriate surface Data Sheet). Apply 3 coats Regal Maxi-Plus.
  • Previously (Matt Emulsion) Painted Surfaces in Sound Condition: Prepare surface. Apply 2 coats Regal Maxi-Plus.
  • Loosely bound, unsound surfaces (including walls previously painted with distemper, cement paint, lime wash etc): Prepare surface (refer Data Sheet SP 2). Apply 1 coat Regal Penetrating Primer. Apply 2 coats Regal Maxi-Plus.


  1. Two coats may offer complete obliteration depending on the colour in use and the surface being coated but 3 coats are recommended for maximum protection.
  2. One coat may be sufficient when using the same shade over paint work in reasonable condition.